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Introduction to Weight-Inclusive Nutrition and Dietetics (WIND)

Heather Caplan, founder and director of WIND events, gives an introduction to the concepts, the importance of weight inclusivity both in healthcare and socially. Watch this webinar to learn more about thin privilege, weight stigma, and weight-inclusive movements. Heather also highlights the ways in which WIND aligns with the RDN Code of Ethics.

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Weight-Inclusive MNT Practices

Beth Rosen, MS RDN CDN, presented various case studies, along with the basics of WIND for Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT), at the WIND Workshop in NYC (2019). Beth’s expertise in both disordered eating, GI-related complications, and nutrition counseling help participants better understand the nuances of this approach in MNT. Watch this webinar for practical applications of WIND in both clinical and private practice examples.

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How to Handle Weight Loss Conversations

Jennifer McGurk, RDN CEDRD-S, discusses how to approach conversations with clients who still wish to lose weight. First addressing the barriers to weight-inclusive approaches in healthcare, Jennifer highlights challenges to anticipate in private practice and clinical settings. Watch this webinar to get practical tips for navigating difficult conversations without alienating clients or patients.

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I am new to the “non-diet” and weight-inclusive approach. This workshop was very informative and provided me with a strong foundation to build on. It was also great to connect with other like minded RD’s.
— Jordan Lynch RDN

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